Triacta GATEWAY is Here!

Gord Echlin

Next Generation Electrical Submetering and Building Control

We are coming into a period of transition for the building intelligence and management sector, driven by great changes in information technology over the past 20 years. Triacta is likewise riding this wave of innovation and looking forward to a dramatic change in our own products. 

Introducing Triacta GATEWAY

Triacta GATEWAY Multi-point Meter
‍The brand spanking new Triacta GATEWAY

Triacta has always made very solid, reliable, standards compliant electrical sub-metering products. We will continue to do so, of course, but the opportunity today is to make these products strongly complement the reality of cloud computing — and to make the transition easier for building owners and managers by extending these features to other aspects of building technology. 

Networking, protocols, edge computing, security, are some of the things that we’re thinking about and are building into our new product, the Triacta GATEWAY. We’re resurrecting our blog here so we can not only think about it, but start to help you understand “where" the industry is going, “what" we are doing, and “why" the Triacta GATEWAY might be a good solution for you.

Meet us at AHR 2018

Next week I will be at the AHR show in Chicago where we will be showing off our new Triacta GATEWAY™ system, which delivers a best-in-class multi-point electrical submeter, while providing the means to collect information from other external meters and send it on to multiple web-services simultaneously. Not your average meter!

Our press release is here. You can learn more about Triacta GATEWAY here.

Keep your eyes on this space.  The next couple of blog posts will start to outline how we see the future of building management unfolding and the role we'll play in its transition.

About the Author

Gordon Echlin is Vice President Marketing and Business Development for Triacta Power Solutions LP, where he has been a management team member since 2009. Prior to Triacta, Gordon was a partner for a boutique venture capital firm, Venture Coaches from 2006 to 2009, and started a telematics company, Netistix Technologies, in 2002. Gordon is a Computer Scientist and technologist by education, and prior to Netistix worked in technical, management and sales roles in Mitel Corporation, Newbridge Corporation and several small startups, since graduating in 1982.

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