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Dual Voltage Reference

Triacta GATEWAY's dual voltage reference feature optimizes the use of available meter points — saving equipment and installation costs.

Although multi-point electrical metering is terrifically efficient for monitoring multiple electric loads, there are instances where costs can quickly escalate.

Two Voltage Sources

Gateway meter

A multi-point meter is typically associated with metering breaker loads from a single distribution panel fed from a single transformer. Meter deployment and meter-point utilization are straightforward in these situations.

However, there are multiple applications where 347V/600V or 277V/480V and 120V/208V service panels co-exist in the same electrical room and need metering. In these environments, having a single platform that can support two voltage sources (two different transformer secondaries) can save the added expense of deploying a second meter.

Revenue-grade metering and energy monitoring environments are good examples of these types of scenarios.

Maximize Meter Points for Savings

The Triacta GATEWAY, with its dual voltage reference capabilities, excels in these applications. A single GATEWAY meter can support two reference voltages — saving the expense of additional hardware and maximizing the use of all available meter points in high-density metering applications.

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