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Electrical Submetering Education Series

A collection of free ebooks covering technical and regulatory issues related to electrical submetering for tenant billing and energy management applications.

Successful Energy Management Through Electrical Submetering

H. James Harrington had it right; measurement is the key to improvement. And nowhere does that ring truer than managing a building's energy. But in the energy management arena, it's not just what you measure that is important. How you measure it, how accurate it needs to be, and what you do with the energy data once you have it are equally important considerations.

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Show You the Money?
Show Me the Meter!

If you are going to bill tenants or participate in government incentive programs, you need to choose an electrical submetering platform that is robust and accurate enough to handle the job.

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Electrical Submetering in NYC: Compliance and Opportunity

New York State and New York City have implemented some of the most aggressive electrical submetering requirements for commercial and multi-unit residential buildings in North America. Do you understand what that means for your buildings?

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Electrical Submetering in California: Fact, Fiction and Folly

Electrical submetering is now required for many residential and commercial buildings in California. What does this mean for building owners, and how can they implement tenant submetering while avoiding costly mistakes?

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