Product Overview

Electrical Submetering Technology — End-to-End

Triacta offers end-to-end electrical submetering solutions for residential and commercial properties — from highly accurate, approved multi-point electrical submeters to cloud-based meter and building utility management software (and everything in between).
Distributed Electrical Meter Network. Cloud-based and across several multi-unit buildings.

Multi-point Submeters

Highly accurate electrical submeters, with a low cost per meter point

Triacta multi-point electrical meters are among the most accurate and reliable meters available today — with a low cost per meter point and easy installation and configuration processes that give you fast and complete building coverage.
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Electrical submetering certifications and approvals in North America

Triacta GATEWAY Meters

Next generation electrical metering for energy management and tenant billing

Triacta's new GATEWAY meters are the most advanced electricty meters on the market today. These modular, high density meters and pulse collectors are suitable for M&V, energy management, and tenant billing applications in both commercial and residential applications.
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How electrical submeters integrate with existing building and financial systems

PowerHawk 4000 Meters

Energy management grade multi-point meters

Meter or monitor remote loads in multi-tenant buildings, commercial, industrial, or institutional spaces with the Powerhawk 4000 series meter. PowerHawk 4000 seriesmeters come in two configurations — for low or high density applications.
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How electrical submeters integrate with existing building and financial systems

PowerHawk 6000 Meters

Revenue-grade multi-point meters

PowerHawk 6000 meters are CDFA certified, NYPSC listed, Measurement Canada and Maryland PSC approved, and independently verified to ANSI C12.20 Class 0.5 and Philippines ERC Class 0.2. PowerHawk 6000 meters come in three configurations to satisify different densities of application.
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How electrical submeters integrate with existing building and financial systems

CTs and Converters

Everything you need to complete your submetering job

Whether its a tenant billing application that needs certified CTs, or an energy management project with hundreds of meter points — we've got you covered.
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Triacta CTs

Shorting and Termination

Safe, fast, and easy connection and termination

Speed up your submeter installation with easy to implement shorting and termination options that make connecting and terminating CTs and PTs a snap.
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Triacta Shorting and Termination Modules

Triacta Meter Manager

Meter network operations and data management

Everything needed to establish and maintain your metering network and manage your meter data — all while you remain in complete control of your data.
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Triacta Insight

One-stop reporting of all your utility consumption

Data related to electric, gas, water, and thermal energy can be drawn from hundreds or even thousands of meters and accessed through our secure web portal.
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Look Where we are

Property Managers count on Triacta meters in some of the most iconic properties in the world. Here are just a few:

Empire State Building

Empire State Building

CN Tower

CN Tower (Toronto)

Briarlake Plaza in Houston Texas

Briarlake Plaza (Houston)

Eau Claire Building in Calgary

Eau Claire (Calgary)

Chrysler Building

Chrysler Building (NYC)

Freedom Towers

Freedom Tower

L-Tower in Toronto, Ontario

L-Tower (Toronto)

88 Queens Quay Toronto

88 Queens Quay (Toronto)

And Who we Work With

We work with corporations, property managers , and solution providers all over the world. Here's a sample *

University of Toronto
Schneider Electric
Brookfield Infrastructure Partners