Tenant Billing

Bill Tenants and Save up to 45% in Energy Costs

Legally bill tenants while reducing energy consumption with certified electrical submeters that easily integrate with your existing building and financial systems.

What is Electrical Submetering?

Many commercial and residential buildings use a single "master meter." Electricity comes into a building at bulk rate prices from the Utility. Landlords bill tenants for electricity based on flat fees or formulas derived from the building space they occupy. Occupants pay for electricity as part of a monthly bill, but their energy use is not individually monitored or tracked.

Electrical submetering  is the measurement of consumption after the master meter. Submeters (also referred to as power meters, electrical meters, and energy monitors) are installed after the master meter to measure individual electrical load.

Graphic of electricity coming into a building's Master meter and then measured after the panel by a multi-unit Sumter
Submeters can measure energy use for tenants, departments, building equipment, or any other electrical load.

Legally Bill Tenants with Code-Compliant Meters

Tested by some of the most stringent regulators in the world, Triacta meters are renowned for their accuracy and reliability.

Triacta meters are California Title 24 certified, NYPSC listed, Measurement Canada and Maryland PSC approved, and independently verified to ANSI C12.20 Class 0.5.
Electrical submetering certifications and approvals in North America

Reduce  Your Energy Use by as Much as 45 %

Study after study shows that submetering results in significant energy savings for building owners and tenants alike.

But the benefits go far beyond energy savings — including improved building operations, fair utility cost allocation, enhanced tenant satisfaction, and increased property value.
Observed savings from electrical submetering according to the US Department of Energy, Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP)

With two decades of experience and hundreds of thousands of meter points installed, Triacta knows what it takes to implement a successful metering system for billing and energy management.

Easily Integrate with Existing Building and Financial Systems

All Triacta submetering systems have an open-system design and state-of-the-art technology that are ideal for both new builds and retrofit applications — ensuring long-lasting, reliable meter data for years.

With Triacta's cloud-centric solutions, you remain in control of your meter data and can pick and choose where it goes and who can access it.
How electrical submeters integrate with existing building and financial systems

Manage all Your Building Utilities in One Place

Triacta submetering solutions form the backbone of your energy management initiatives and provide a gateway to all your building utility consumption data.

Data related to electricity, gas, water, and thermal energy consumption can be drawn from hundreds or even thousands of meters and accessed through a secure web portal.
Energy management software showing savings opportunities by rolling up data from hundreds of building utility meters
Quickly isolate malfunctioning equipment, pinpoint compliance issues, and identify savings opportunities.

Reduce Installation Time, Save Valued Space, Lower Total Costs

Multi-point meters have a much smaller footprint than single point meters and typically have lower per meter point deployment, integration, and maintenance costs as well.

With Triacta multi-point meters, you save valuable building space and lower your overall installation, set-up, and maintenance costs.
Triacta’s open protocol multi-point electrical submeter

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