Triacta Meter Manager

Meter Network Operations and Data Management

Everything needed to establish and maintain your metering network and manage your meter data — all while you remain in complete control of your data.
Integrated Electrical Meter Network that spans across several multiunit buildings — integrated through cloud-based meter manager technology
  • Set-up, manage, and administer your entire meter network onsite or remotely

  • Robust meter data management and repository capabilities

  • Live dashboards, desktop updates, and automated reporting

  • Secure, IT-friendly deployment and operations of meters

Strip Malls and Industrial CRUs
Community Retail Centers
Regional Mall
Office Complexes
Power Center

A Future-proof Solution with no Vendor Lock-in

All Triacta metering systems use open protocols (including building automation protocols) to ensure users are not “locked-in” to a single vendor. This approach provides the flexibility needed in an evolving smart grid. As new standards evolve, Triacta Meter Manager keeps pace without any user worries.
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  • Built-in provisioning tools make it easy to translate line drawings and site audit information into appropriate meter configurations and installation instructions
  • A hierarchal management structure provides for different scopes of view and control and allows for the flexible assignment of meters within locations, department and users
  • Open standards mean access to and consolidation of data from a multitude of meters (electric, gas, water, and thermal) with export and reporting
  • An extensive set of management tools enable operators to monitor network health and receive automatic notifications of extraordinary events

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