• Revenue Grade (billing ready, sealable, reliable)
  • 48 Mix and Match Elements (pulse and CT)
  • Any mix of 1-phase, 2-phase, 3-phase metering
  • Multi-homing (simultaneous multi-application push)
  • Dual Reference Voltage
  • Innovative, 2-part meter and meter base design
  • WIFI Craft Interface
  • Cloud-based Meter Management
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Triacta GATEWAY Revenue Grade Multi-point Electrical Meter

Revenue Grade 

Billing Ready, Sealable, Reliable

Tested by some of the most stringent regulators in the world, Triacta meters are renowned for their accuracy and reliability. All of Triacta’s meters are designed to meet the ANSI C12.20 class 0.5 accuracy (+/- 0.5%) specification or better.

Triacta GATEWAY meters are designed to meet the same approval standards as our renowned PowerHawk meters — which are CDFA certified, NYPSC listed, Measurement Canada and Maryland PSC approved, and independently verified to ANSI C12.20 Class 0.5 and Philippines ERC Class 0.2.


All Triacta meters can be sealed and have both the mechanical apparatus and the built-in software capabilities to comply with regulatory requirements.

Triacta Product Guide

Looking for a complete list of our available submetering products with detailed specifications ?


48 Mix and Match Inputs

Commercial grade metering, revenue grade metering, pulse data collection and building automation — all combined in a single box

The Triacta GATEWAY family of meters and data acquisition devices is built on a flexible, modular design that can accommodate from 12 to 48 inputs for measuring electricity and monitoring other building services (such as water or natural gas). Inputs are selectable in increments of 12, meaning you can customize the meter to precisely fit your specific needs.


Commercial grade metering, revenue grade metering, pulse data collection, and building automation can all be combined in one box — simplifying installation, with the potential to save significant money on metering equipment and labour costs.

Flexible Configuration

Save 30 to 50% in deployment costs with any mix of 3-phase, 2-phase or 1-phase meter points

Multi-point meters typically feature a uniform configuration (1-phase; 2-phase; 3-Phase), which is suitable for 80% of applications where there are a high number of uniform meter points, such as suite metering or data centres. But for meters deployed in commercial buildings, or for use in measurement and verification (M&V) or energy management applications, often a mix of meter configurations is required.

Having two separate meters in these cases adds unnecessary costs. That’s where the Triacta GATEWAY™ system comes in. Triacta GATEWAY allows you to create any mix of 3-phase, 2-phase or 1-phase meter points — and any element can be assigned to any meter-point. Now property managers and building owners can can be 100% efficient in their use of available metering assets — and fix any conceivable wiring error, remotely and programmatically. Triacta GATEWAY’s flexible configuration capabilities can save from 30-50% in meter deployment costs.

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Information Mobility and Vendor Independence

Imagine being able to trial a new energy management analytics service while continuing to use your current vendor. Or sending your meter reads and pulse collection information to a billing agent while also sharing it with an energy management service for ongoing monitoring.

With the Triacta GATEWAY™ system and it’s multi-homing capabilities, all information can be pushed to multiple web services (energy billing, analytics, EnergyStar reporting, demand response programs, meter management, etc.), so you can take full advantage of as many different web services as you like — without restriction and without having to choose a single provider. It’s your data after all.


Triacta’s meters are web-centric devices with collectors built-in, so there’s no need for additional proprietary on premises collector systems. And all Triacta products have multiple internet and BAS protocols built-in, so communicating with cloud-based servers or building automation systems is a snap.

Dual Reference Voltage

Save money by maximizing meter-point optimization with Triacta GATEWAY’s dual voltage reference capabilities

Typically a multi-point meter is associated with a particular distribution panel and these panels are usually fed from only one transformer. There are times, however, when you wish you didn’t have to go out and buy another meter to manage that other panel, which is fed from a different voltage reference.  

The Triacta GATEWAY™ system solves this problem. You can feed 2 voltage references to the Triacta GATEWAY system. With the Triacta GATEWAY meter you can create a meter-point from any element inputs, and you can assign any phase to those elements. That phase assignment can come from either one of 2 voltage references. Dual voltage reference facilitates a more efficient meter-point utilization and can, in some instances, more than halve the number of meters needed to be deployed.

Dual voltage reference facilitates a more efficient meter-point utilization and can, in some instances, more than halve the number of meters needed to be deployed.

WiFi Craft Interface

Instantly connect to existing WIFI networks or establish your own when none present

WIFI is becoming almost ubiquitous in modern buildings. It is hard to find a commercial building that does not have a WIFI network in it, or somebody without a WIFI equipped handheld device.

The Triacta GATEWAY can use the WIFI network to send its information to the cloud and as a local access to the meter via a mobile device (with the Meter in WIFI Access Point mode). Now meters can be accessed directly by craftsmen and technicians from their smart phones —without the clumsy requirement of using a computer or needing access to the local network that the Triacta GATEWAY may be connected to. And if a WIFI network is not already in place, it is very easy to establish one using the meters themselves.

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Cloud-based Resource and Meter Management

Leverage the power of the cloud for anytime access to meter information while easily (and remotely) managing your meter network

Information from meters needs to be available at all times and to anyone with the need and authorization to know. Many of today’s multi-tenant metering systems, however, manage to get in the way of meter set-up and information flow rather than facilitate it. Managed through onsite meter management systems, proprietary gateways, or dedicated server-based applications, these systems put in place unnecessary obstacles and costs to information flow.

Triacta uses a cloud-based approach to meter management. Cloud-based technologies offer the most reliable, safe, secure, and proven way to collect and share data. With the included Triacta Cloud software, there are no distracting set-up issues or deployment costs, no software licensing fees, and no additional hardware to buy.


Using Triacta Cloud, any energy stakeholder can also distill meaningful information from electricity, gas, water and BTU meters to pinpoint savings opportunities, create an accurate picture of a building’s carbon footprint and identify failing equipment and expensive peak demand charges.

Unique Two-part Modular Meter Design

Socket style, two-piece design means fast, low-cost installation and safe, efficient engage/disengage capabilities for meter sealing applications

Each Triacta GATEWAY system consists of a Triacta GATEWAY Enclosure and a Triacta GATEWAY “Meter Head”. The Triacta GATEWAY Enclosure can be installed on the wall and termination boards can be attached easily after CT’s have been connected (or CT’s can be connected with the Triacta GATEWAY Enclosure on the wall). Each termination board has a shorting connector that automatically shorts the CT’s when the Triacta GATEWAY Meter Head is removed (a standards-based safety measure), and opens the short when the Triacta GATEWAY Head is installed. Power can also be terminated on the Triacta GATEWAY Enclosure at installation.  


After the Triacta GATEWAY Enclosure is mounted and power and probes are terminated, a Triacta GATEWAY Head can be installed at a later time. In new construction, this prevents expensive systems from being left unattended and unsecured while being wired properly by construction teams.

Your Data, Safe and Secure

Full HTTPS encryption, automatic security updates, and Linux permission enforcement for different classes of users

While the easy flow of building information is critical for tenant billing and energy management programs, it’s equally critical that the right information gets to the right people — in a secure and safe manner. 

The Triacta GATEWAY has full HTTPS encryption with automatic security updates, so your data remains YOUR data. Additionally, the Triacta GATEWAY has full Linux authorization and permission enforcement for different classes of users. Only those with the need and permission to access the meter can do so — whether via our Triacta Cloud software, other cloud-based services, or on-site by a technician.

Only those with the need and permission to access the meter can do so — whether via Triacta Cloud, other cloud-based services, or on-site by a technician.

Future Proof Capabilities

Be ready for today and tomorrow with Triacta GATEWAY’s fully upgradable Linux operating system, field installable communication expansion cards, and remotely upgradable firmware

Tomorrow’s energy management world will look different than today’s, and property managers and owners need to future-proof their building’s infrastructure so it can thrive in both worlds.

Triacta GATEWAY features a powerful, upgradable Linux operating system for developing local applications (building automation, diagnostics, business rules) to meet current and future energy management and building automation needs. As new protocols and applications are developed, the Triacta GATEWAY can be easily updated to handle them.

Each Triacta GATEWAY meter board has its own metrology processor and the Triacta GATEWAY can change system information without affecting meter calibration. This allows system firmware upgrades to happen “under the seal” as per European and Canadian regulations.

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