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Triacta GATEWAY Receives California Type Approval

Muti-point Submeter Now Certified for Multi-Tenant Billing Applications in The Golden State

Authorized for Multi-Tenant Billing

The Triacta GATEWAY multi-tenant electrical submetering platform has received a Certificate of Approval from the California Type Evaluation Program (CTEP) — meeting all requirements for tenant billing in one of the strictest submetering jurisdictions in the world.

Before a submeter can be sold or used for billing applications in California, it must be evaluated and endorsed by California's Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), Division of Measurement Standards (DMS). It is illegal for a device to be used for tenant billing if it has not received Type approval from the CDFA.

CDFA Certificate of Approval

The purpose of the evaluation is to certify that the design and performance of the meter meets California's Laws and Regulations. Tests focus on accuracy, operational effectiveness, required markings, and fraud prevention features. Upon successful CTEP evaluation, DMS issues a Certificate of Approval (COA). You can find the GATEWAY's COA here.

The GATEWAY joins Triacta's PowerHawk 6312, 6303, and 6320 submeters on the CDFA’s list of approved meters for multi-tenant billing applications.

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