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  • PT Assembly Module

    Cable, Modules and Assemblies

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A 3-phase voltage transformer that provides step-down voltage connections to Triacta PowerHawk or GATEWAY meters for metering single-phase to three-phase voltages of 600V, 347V, or 400V. Meets all regulatory, electrical safety and ANSI 0.5 Accuracy Class Standards.

Features and Specifications

  • Provides both the per-phase input metering sense voltages and the auxiliary input power required by Triacta energy meters
  • The 347V Wye / 600V Delta variant can be configured to support either: 347V, three-phase, 4-wire wye, or 600V, three-phase, 3-wire delta
  • The PowerHawk 480V Delta variant supports: 480V, three-phase, 3-wire delta
  • Each PT Assembly can support up to two Triacta meters
  • All voltage inputs and outputs are fused
  • Included in Measurement Canada NOAs: AE-1665, AE-1919