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  • CT Shorting Assembly

    Cable, Modules and Assemblies

  • Data Sheet

An extendable, multi-module mA CT shorting solution that can be used with any Triacta 6000 or 4000 meter except the 6412. Provides CT shorting for up to 4 PowerHawks. Includes one shorting PCB module and 36” inter-connecting wire harness. CT wire harness(s) not included.

Features And Specifications

  • The base unit supports one Triacta 6x12/03 or 4x24/06 meter but can be extended to support up to four Triacta 6x12/03 or 4x24/06 meters, or two Triacta 6320 meters
  • The base unit plus each extra shorting PCB module comes with one 3 foot long interconnecting wire harness
  • Recommended for use with mA CTs or CT convertors when all CTs to be connected to each PowerHawk meter are in the same distribution panel
  • CTs are connected to the Shorting Module via a standard Triacta LD or HD CT Cable (ordered separately)
  • Enables CTs to be installed in advance before installing the PowerHawk meter
  • This equipment complies with UL  61010-1, 3rd Edition and CSA-C22.2 No. 61010-1-12