Merton Yonge Condominiums first building in Canada to benefit from low cost, low overhead mA submetering solution

September 11, 2014

Toronto’s newest Midtown condominium residences have an air of elegance and splendour that set them apart from other area residences — but that’s not the only way the Merton Yonge Condominiums are breaking new ground.

Wyse Metering Solutions and Triacta Power Technologies have teamed up to provide Merton Yonge with the first ever Measurement Canada approved mA submetering solution. mA submetering is a big breakthrough for property managers and owners — offering them a low cost, low overhead solution that is fast to deploy.

Measurement Canada Approved x 3
Triacta’s mA solution consists of three components — Measurement Canada approved 80 mA CTs, a Measurement Canada approved submeter, and a Measurement Canada approved bench for sealing meters. This end-to-end system means a faster, easier install as contractors don’t have to wait for a meter to be on site to connect mA CTs. CTs can be attached to the panel as the electrical infrastructure is put in place — with the meters following.

mA Submetering Means Significant Cost Savings
A streamlined installation process means savings in overhead and operations. Additionally, mA CTs are cheaper than 5A CTs (up to 5 x) and the smaller CTs mean less heat, longer cable range, and a safer install process.

Gord Echlin, VP Sales and Marketing, Triacta