For Hyatt Regency, Submetering Quantifies Impact of Green Initiative — Paving Way for Future Savings

August 29,  2013

Hyatt Regency Houston — part of the hotel giant Hyatt Corporation — collaborated with Eastman Chemical Company and Green Generation Solutions to measure the energy-savings impact of their latest green initiative.

Hyatt was aiming to address temperature-related complaints from guests and decrease energy expenditures in its 924,000-square foot Houston hotel by installing Eastman's EnerLogic 35 low-e window film. Green Generation was contracted to measure the impact of the initiative to determine if the resulting savings warranted the expense.

To measure the impact of the program, Green Generation developed an extensive metering plan that included 128 unique data points distributed among 96 rooms. EnerLogic 35 was installed in 48 rooms — with 48 rooms left un-filmed to provide a baseline to measure against.

Five Triacta PowerHawk submeters were installed to collect and transmit real-time energy data to a web-based portal. Savings calculations were verified by Centerpoint Energy — an electric transmission and distribution utility serving the Houston metropolitan area.

The comparative submeter data showed that rooms with EnerLogic window films installed enjoyed a 23% reduction in energy needed to cool the rooms and a 25% reduction for heating them.

Based on installation costs and energy efficiency rebates provided by the local utility, these energy savings provide a payback on the original investment in 3.6 years — or an ROI of 28% per year.

Without submetering, Hyatt would not have been able to understand the energy expenditures of the rooms in question or the impact of the EnerLogic initiative. The relatively low cost of submetering identifies opportunities for savings and paves the way for future energy management programs that can reap huge energy and cost savings benefits.

Gord Echlin, VP Sales and Marketing, Triacta