Flexible, light-weight Rowgowski Coils now available for use with PowerHawk 4200 series meters

March 25, 2015

With its latest firmware update (v1.53), the PowerHawk 4200 series of multi-point meters now has more installation flexibility, as both split-core CTs and Rowgowski Coils are now supported for use.

The Rogowski Coil, or Rope Coil, is a flexible, light weight sensor that supports a very wide current range, can be wrapped around both multi conductor circuits and bus bars, and can be used in areas where space is limited.

Normally, an externally powered integrator is required to compensate for the phase shift introduced by Rogowski Coils, but Triacta has built the integrator right into the PowerHawk 4200 — saving on extra material and installation costs.

In addition to support for Rogowski Coils, the v1.53 firmware update improves memory mapping to allow for increased meter functionality (both present and future), adds the recording of Energy Demand on meter, and offers more meter deployment options with support for 347/600V and 480V PT modules.

Gord Echlin, VP Sales and Marketing, Triacta