Submetering for Sustainable Intelligent Buildings in the IoT Age

Gord Echlin

We’ve just release our latest accredited, online continuing education course through AEC Daily. 

Submetering for Sustainable Intelligent Buildings in the IoT Age is a 1-hour course that is free to take and provides state credit and many other association approvals, such as American Institute of Architects (AIA) and U.S. Green Building Council.

Among other things, the course describes the characteristics and performance functions of a modern multi-circuit meter, and details how it integrates with and contributes to the Building Internet of Things.

You can take the on-line training here.

Or download a PDF of the course here.

About the Author

Gordon Echlin is Vice President Marketing and Business Development for Triacta Power Solutions LP, where he has been a management team member since 2009. Prior to Triacta, Gordon was a partner for a boutique venture capital firm, Venture Coaches from 2006 to 2009, and started a telematics company, Netistix Technologies, in 2002. Gordon is a Computer Scientist and technologist by education, and prior to Netistix worked in technical, management and sales roles in Mitel Corporation, Newbridge Corporation and several small startups, since graduating in 1982.

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