Future-Proof Electrical SubMetering to Meet Your Specific Market Need

Gord Echlin

There are a lot of details to consider when producing a future-proof submetering plan that satisfies all your building information needs. Consequently, many of our outreach topics are aimed at the technical aspects of information networking, the importance of Big Data, and the best use of a meter.  

We’ve recently taken a bit of a break from that side of things, however, to build out some new solution-oriented narratives that focus on typical submetering markets:

These new pages on our web site will help you understand how submetering systems can be applied to meet your specific market needs, and how Triacta meters in general fit in.

About the Author

Gordon Echlin is Vice President Marketing and Business Development for Triacta Power Solutions LP, where he has been a management team member since 2009. Prior to Triacta, Gordon was a partner for a boutique venture capital firm, Venture Coaches from 2006 to 2009, and started a telematics company, Netistix Technologies, in 2002. Gordon is a Computer Scientist and technologist by education, and prior to Netistix worked in technical, management and sales roles in Mitel Corporation, Newbridge Corporation and several small startups, since graduating in 1982.

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