Triacta Meters Receive Coveted 10 Year Extended Initial Seal Period From Measurement Canada

Almonte  – February 1,  2012 – Triacta Power Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce the receipt of an unconditional 10 year sealing approval from Measurement Canada for the PowerHawk® 6320 High Density meter for two-phase and three-phase applications. This milestone is very important for submetering and suite-metering applications — providing considerable cost savings for metering providers by allowing them to defer re-verification of their installed meters for 4 years beyond the standard 6 year approval period.

Triacta is the first submeter manufacturer to receive this distinction for multi-circuit submeters. It is a testimony to the quality and reliability of Triacta’s PowerHawk meters to be validated in such a clear, unbiased, and unambiguous manner.

Triacta uses the same metrology in all our meters — non-revenue and revenue grade — so Triacta customers can be confident that every Triacta meter will perform in the same exemplary manner.

Triacta’s approval is publicly viewable on the Measurement Canada website at this link.

For additional information, please contact:
Gord Echlin, VP Sales and Marketing
613-256-2868 extension 36