Triacta Introduces DER-Ready Multi-point Electrical Meter for Energy Cloud Participation

Triacta GATEWA is a new, highly accurate, easily deployed and best-in-class submetering platform designed to allow building owners, property managers and Utilities be activeparticipants in the emerging Distributed Energy Resources Energy Cloud

Vienna, Austria – November 6, 2018 – The evolution of the centralized electrical grid to a Distributed Energy Resources (DER) “Energy Cloud” is a global phenomenon pushed by the pursuit of energy efficiency and resource management. This profound transformation of the energy sector is driving the demand for energy devices that are certified for both metering AND transaction negotiations in a DER grid — enabling stake holders to establish micro-grids to participate in Virtual Power Plant scenarios.

Triacta Power Solutions is introducing just such a device at  European Utility Week 2018.The new Triacta GATEWAY is not only a modern, utility grade, high density multi-point electrical metering system, but also a data acquisition platform that will evolve into a next generation grid-edge appliance.

The Triacta GATEWAY meter features:

• Highly accurate, reliable and approved metrology ready for billing, energy management and M&V applications

• A flexible, modular architecture that can accommodate anywhere from 12 to 48 inputs in 12 input increments (electrical CT or pulse input) for measuring electricity and collecting water or natural gas meter information — all on the same device

• Meter multi-homing capabilities with cloud-based access for simultaneous communications with multiple cloud services

• Multi-communication capabilities to match any particular networking situation, from legacy building systems to IoT, along with built-in WIFI (client/access point), Ethernet and USB

• Two voltage references for use with multiple building transformers and voltages, reducing equipment needs and saving deployment costs

• A powerful Linux operating system for future proof platform development to meet current and future energy management and data acquisition needs

With 15 years of metering experience in the highly regulated Canadian metering market, Triacta Power Solutions is well situated to pursue (Measuring Instruments Directive) MID oriented regulated metering opportunities in Europe and across the world, expanding from its traditional market in North America.  

Triacta will be exhibiting on the Canadian Pavilion (booth B.c61) at European Utility Week, seeking collaboration opportunities with OEM’s, Distributors, System Integrators, Consultants and innovative Energy companies.

About Triacta
Triacta Power Solutions designs and manufactures high-end, revenue grade meters and data acquisition devices for energy management, tenant billing and building control applications. Triacta’s PowerHawk meters and Triacta GATEWAY™systems allow property managers and building owners to measure and store highly accurate building services information (electricity, gas, water) and easily share that information with any and all building systems simultaneously (BAS, IT, Financial, EMS) — on-premise or cloud-based — so all systems and all stakeholders get the information they need, when they need it.

Long known for its high-reliability, revenue-grade, multi-protocol sub-metering products, Triacta's meters have been easily and successfully deployed by sub-metering companies, property owners, building system integrators and local distribution companies since 2003.

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Gord Echlin, VP Sales and Marketing
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