NYPSC approves Triacta meter for residential submetering, increases energy conservation, lowers bills

New York City – July 8, 2015 – In 2014 New Yorkers spent $21.9 billion for electricity. Not surprisingly the New York Public Service Commission (NYPSC) continues its efforts to raise citizens’ awareness of electricity consumption, promote conservation efforts, and reduce overall demand. Today, Triacta is announcing that the NYPSC has approved the use of the PowerHawk 6312 high-density meter, manufactured by Triacta Power Technologies Inc., for submetering electricity in multi-unit residential buildings. The Triacta meter passed rigorous accuracy, compliance and performance testing at MET Laboratories, a world-class independent electrical testing and certification lab and received Commission-approval to be used for billing residents.

In New York, multi-residential building owners and management companies are required to install and use approved submeters or risk facing heavy penalties. Triacta meters meet top level American National Standards for Electricity Meters. The testing at Met Labs resulted in an ANSI 12.20 class 0.5 accuracy rating for Triacta’s meters.

"I am certain the deployment of the PowerHawk meter will encourage increased energy efficiencies across New York State and result in fair and accurate tenant billing,” says Wes Biggs, CEO of Triacta. “Having the PowerHawk on NYPSC’s list of approved meters for revenue submetering is a testament to the quality and reliability of our products, and a source of pride for our development team.”

A property using submeters still has electricity metered by the utility through a master meter, but each suite’s consumption is measured through individual, property-owned submeters. With submetering, residents in condominiums, cooperatives and rental buildings can account for their own consumption, conserve energy, and lower their bills.

Triacta PowerHawk meters are also used for energy management in commercial applications such as New York’s iconic Rockefeller Centre and the Hearst Tower.

With the approval of Triacta’s meters, NYPSC further advances its Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) initiative, created to address the significant changes in how electric energy is produced, managed and consumed in a marketplace of technological innovation, ageing infrastructure, and increasing government legislation.

About Triacta
Triacta Power Technologies designs and manufactures revenue-grade submeters for energy management and billing applications. Triacta meters are among the most reliable and accurate multi-point meters in the world — meeting and exceeding the highest industry standards, including ANSI C12.20 0.5 Class.

Every Triacta meter ships with software that combines meter management tools with data collection, energy management, and billing capabilities — everything needed to create and manage a metering infrastructure. An industry standards, open protocol approach means Triacta meters can be quickly integrated with existing building management systems — while easily sharing data with third-party energy management and billing software applications.

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