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Scalable Utility Metering Services for Commercial Properties

Your Complete Metering Solution

Triacta’s Metering as a Service offering takes care of all aspects of your building utility metering —  hardware installation, meter network operations, utility cost allocation and reporting.

With two decades of experience and over 250,000 meter points installed, we know what it takes to implement a successful metering system — let us help you.

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Strip Malls / Industrial CRUs

Retail centers

Regional Malls

Office Complexes

Power centers

Turnkey Installation

Fast and convenient installation of a complete metering network to fully meet your building or institution utility metering requirements.

  • Requirements analysis (electricity, water, gas, thermal)
  • System design
  • Meter supply and installation
  • Commissioning and sealing
  • Regulatory inspection
  • Dedicated project manager

Meter Operations

Active monitoring and management of your metering network to optimize operations and minimize disruptions to you and your clients.

  • Meter network monitoring and fault reporting
  • Data validation and corrective action
  • Asset tracking and re-verification reports
  • Maintenance/repair service program available

Reporting Solutions

From utility cost allocation to energy management, Triacta will provide actionable reports for all your building services.

  • Monthly utilities usage reports
  • Annual corporate sustainability reports
  • Real-time portal for property managers, operators and tenants
  • Assistance with tenant budgeting process
  • Support for tenant inquiries or disputes
  • In-person review of reports with actionable intelligence
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Look Where We Are

Property Managers count on Triacta meters in some of the most iconic properties in the world. Here are just a few:

Empire State Building (NYC)

CN Tower (Toronto)

Briarlake Plaza (Houston)

Eau Claire (Calgary)

Chrysler Building (NYC)

L-Tower (Toronto)

Freedom Tower (NYC)

88 Queens Quay (Toronto)

Information generated by submetering systems directly contributes to reduced waste, efficiency improvements, fault detection and analysis, and identifying high points of building resource consumption.

Who we Work With

We work with corporations, property managers , and solution providers all over the world. Here's a sample *

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Why Triacta?

  • 15 + years of experience in the submetering market
  • More than 250,000 meter-points deployed
  • Expert and worry-free maintenance of equipment. We offer options to own, manage, and maintain all meters in the building
  • Open architecture allows you to have full control over your data
  • Recognized for excellent meter quality, accuracy and reliability
  • Technology innovation leader in the industry
  • 5 generations of metering equipment introduced to the market
  • Long-term financial and organizational stability as part of Enercare and Brookfield Infrastructure Partners
  • The experience that comes with being one of North America’s largest home and commercial services energy solutions companies

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