Triacta introduces Triacta GATEWAY™, a newmulti-point sub-metering platform for energy management, tenant billing andbuilding control

ATLANTA, GA – September 27, 2017 – Triacta Power Solutions Limited
Partnership (“Triacta”) today announced that it has introduced a new
sub-metering platform, Triacta GATEWAY™. Combining highly accurate, easily deployable and best-in-class metrology with a powerful computing foundation and IoT networking techniques, the Triacta GATEWAY™ system can easily integrate with legacy building automation protocols or with an IoT-oriented network. It seamlessly delivers building information to multiple cloud-centric or server-based systems. It also makes advanced building controls and Measurement & Verification practical for the sub-50,000 square foot market, while paving the way for easy spot retrofits in larger legacy properties.

“Our desire to provide our customers the best possible service motivates us to innovate and find ways to improve the
existing technology. For this reason, we are very excited to be introducing our Triacta GATEWAY™ meters and data acquisition devices,” said Wes Biggs, President of Triacta. “Triacta GATEWAY™ builds upon the best-in-class metrology of our PowerHawk® sub-metering solutions by adding more input capabilities and enhanced communications flexibility. We envision it as a gateway
for Building Automation and the Internet of Things.”

Triacta designed its new sub-metering platform understanding how important it is for a building’s information infrastructure to be able to collect and store highly accurate services information and share it with a building’s BAS, IT, Financial and EMS systems simultaneously. The Triacta GATEWAY™ system offers property managers and building owners a highly accurate metering platform that can measure, store,
and transmit building services information to a large variety of building
management and business applications, allowing managers to avoid costly information silos that hamstring initiatives by restricting information flow.

“Triacta has accomplished the difficult task of creating an exceptional traditional meter that can work with legacy building automation systems, while also forming the foundation of a building-services
platform,” says William MacGowan, P.Eng., CEM, Director Digital Buildings, Cisco Canada. “This fits nicely with Cisco’s vision of a converged, cloud-centric enterprise building management model.”

The modular design, open protocols approach and powerful Linux-based operating system of the Triacta GATEWAY™ platform allow it to easily integrate with building, business and IT systems. The future of
building management is open, actionable information that is dynamic, fluid, immediate and available.

“Intelligent Buildings, LLC advises customers to deploy systems that use open data communications capable of leveraging vendor neutral data management applications,” says Michael Magee, a senior consultant at Intelligent Buildings. “This allows building operators the flexibly to quickly take advantage of new application vendors while having confidence that their investments in building instrumentation will last well into the future.  The new Triacta GATEWAY metering platform has
been designed to support this data driven approach.”

Triacta GATEWAY™ features::

  • a revenue-grade, industrial design ready for tenant billing, energy management and building automation applications;
  • a flexible, modular architecture that can accommodate 12 to 48 inputs in 12 input increments (electrical CT or pulse input) for measuring building services, such as electricity, water or natural gas, all on the same device;
  • Triacta’s certified and proven utility-grade metrology for electrical metering;
  • multi-communication capabilities to match any particular networking situation from legacy building systems to IoT;
  • built-in WIFI (client/access point), ethernet and USB;
  • multi-homing capabilities with cloud-based access for simultaneous communications with multiple cloud services;
  • a powerful Linux-based operating system for developing local applications (building automation, diagnostics, business) to meet current and future energy management and building automation needs; and
  • 2 voltage references for use with multiple building transformers and voltages, reducing equipment needs and saving deployment costs.

For additional information, please contact:
Gord Echlin, VP Sales and Marketing
613-256-2868 extension 36