Triacta Power Technologies Inc.

Commercial Submetering

Building owners and property managers are learning that implementing a Triacta PowerHawk™ smart metering system is one of the fastest ways to control rising energy costs and increase property profitability.

  • Reduce overall electricity use and allocate energy costs easily and fairly to tenants
  • View and analyze energy consumption reports 24/7
  • Interface with building automation systems to monitor energy usage at the building, unit or equipment level
  • Qualify for LEED™ Measurement & Verification points
  • Prepare for time-of-use billing, green house gas accounting, and future Smart Grid advancements with Triacta's open system protocols

Reduce overall energy consumption

Research shows that when tenants pay for their own electricity, overall consumption drops 15 to 25 percent — with a majority of tenants experiencing a reduction in their net monthly costs.

Submetering establishes billing equity as tenants pay only for the energy they use. Triacta can provide tenants with secure, online access to their energy use information to help them make informed decisions on energy consumption.

Low cost, automated metering
Triacta's PowerHawk smart meters are easily “plugged” into a building’s main electrical feed — saving time and eliminating rewiring costs. With PowerHawk submetering solutions, there’s no software to buy or maintain. Building owners and property managers are always up-to-date with the latest energy consumption data at their fingertips. Triacta offers financing for both equipment and installation costs for qualifying projects.

With no up front capital costs and the ability to recoup expenses through administration fees and other charges, smart metering can reduce overall operating expenses, simplify energy billing and improve your bottom line.

Submetering: how it works
The PowerHawk uses advanced IP-based communications to transmit data over any existing wireless, phone, or high-speed Internet connection without the cost of a dedicated service. There’s no need to purchase or maintain additional computers or meter reading equipment.

How Submetering WorksTriacta smart meters are easily “plugged” into a
building’s main electrical feed.

Each PowerHawk meter is the size of a laptop and can measure up to 40 individual breakers, providing an accurate way to break out individual tenant consumption. Additional metering devices can be combined to collect energy usage data for an unlimited number of tenants or breakers.

Information when and where you need it
Property managers can receive as much or as little information as they want, at the office or remotely, 24/7 through PowerHawk Manager — a powerful meter management and analysis platform accessible through a secure Web portal. Through PowerHawk Manager, property managers can distill meaningful information from electricity, gas, water and BTU meters to pinpoint savings opportunities, failing equipment, and expensive peak demand charges.

Cost allocation and billing
The arrival of time-of-use billing and peak demand charges means additional meter reading and complicated billing requirements. The PowerHawk handles these requirements automatically, so that costs can be tracked and accurately allocated to specific building systems or directly to tenants.

Triacta automates meter reading and offers flexible billing services that fit a variety of business models. Property managers can receive individual tenant electricity bills using Triacta’s web-based billing package, import information into an existing accounting system, or send data to a billing and collection partner. There’s no software to buy or maintain.

The most cost-effective LEED credits available
The US Green Building Council recognizes the value that meters bring to building owners, managers and tenants. That’s why LEED 2009™ has significantly increased the credits available for system-level metering and Measurement & Verification (M&V). With an increased emphasis on M&V, these points are now some of the most cost effective LEED credits to attain — making PowerHawk meters a must for any green retrofit or new build.

Safe and secure
Triacta manufactures utility-grade meters that comply with all regulatory electric safety and communications requirements and meet stringent ANSI 0.5% accuracy standards. And unlike many other meter reading systems, all information collected is stored in a secure data center with password controlled access. Meter data is safe and secure.

Open protocols ensure a future proof solution
All PowerHawk metering systems use open protocols (including building automation protocols) to ensure property owners are not “locked in” to a single vendor. This open system provides the flexibility needed in an evolving smart grid.