Triacta Power Technologies Inc.

Partnering with Triacta

Triacta’s PowerHawk metering platform was designed to fit into any solution ecosystem — building operations or information technology. Building Management Systems can access PowerHawk meter data via BACnet/IP and MODBUS TCP. Energy Management Systems and other business applications can access meter data via FTP.

Building Management and Energy Management System servers can read the meters locally or have the data sent by the meters to any server accessible on the internet or within the building in an open CSV file format. PowerHawk meters make all meter data and meter status/control information available to third party platforms with no constraints.

PowerHawk Manager, Triacta’s energy management platform, can export information to any 3rd party application with customer specific detail and rate and services information integrated into the file. The PowerHawk Manager can also import data from third party meters (electric, water and natural gas) to manage them as part of a heterogeneous meter network.

Call us today — we are actively working to prove out working solutions with all major systems.