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Two-phased Approach is the Quickest, Most Cost-effective Path for Transitioning Properties to Intelligent Buildings

May 3, 2012 at 03:00 PM | from Gord Echlin, Triacta Power Technologies

Property managers and owners are looking for a path to easily, quickly, and cost effectively transition their buildings from their current suboptimal position to that of an intelligent building — with robust energy management programs integrated with IT systems and business applications ready to take full advantage of Automated Demand Response and other Smart Grid opportunities.

Smart Meters Bridge Energy Management Gap

Phase One
The first phase is to deploy smart submeters to create an “instrumented” building— providing the framework for managing energy consumption. Smart meters provide the necessary data points upon which future energy management programs can be justified and built.

Phase Two
Phase two introduces an open API (IP or BACnet) energy management information system into a building — providing certified data for analysis, verification and planning by tenants, owners, and regulators.

This two-phased approach allows control system integrators to re-engage customers with cost effective programs today that can blossom into larger programs down the road — with demonstrable ROI to the property owner and manager in both phases.