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Bridging the Energy Information Gap

January 24, 2012 at 03:00 PM | from Gord Echlin, Triacta Power Technologies

Today Triacta announced the introduction of our new series of High Density Building Automation submeters that target the Intelligent Building market and address the requirements for comprehensive building energy benchmarking in the United States.

The new series is called the PowerHawk® 4000. It is built on our well-proven submetering platform — which has been deployed by submetering companies, property owners, building system integrators and Local Distribution Companies since 2003.

The 4000 series meter promises to transform properties into Intelligent Buildings — bridging the energy information gap by making data visible to all stakeholders via financial and Energy Management Systems.

I have written several times (most recently here and here) about the need to librate energy management information from facilities management silos and making it available to a broader group of energy management stakeholders. It is only through this kind of "information liquidity" that we will be able to sustain the short-term benefits of energy management programs and promotes long-term conservation.

The 4000 series meter bridges the energy information gap by communicating concurrently with Building Automation systems over Building Automation protocols, and with IT systems over IP. With Triacta meters in place, data that was once only available within facilities management via Building Automated Systems is now also available to anyone with the need to know via IP systems and IT.

You can read more about the PowerHawk 4000 series meters here.